Car Insurance woes

So it was becoming time to pay for my car insurance for the coming year and I received my rate quote from Allstate.  When I opened it up, I got quite a surprise – Allstate had raised my premium over $120 for 6 months.  This struck me as completely odd since I’ve always paid on time, haven’t had an accident or ticket in over 3 years and had been a customer with them for 14 years.

This led me to go searching for a new auto insurance company.  I tried Progressive, Geico and Amica and AAA.  Progressive wasn’t much cheaper than what I was quoted by Allstate.  Geico gave a hell of a deal and Amica wouldn’t insure my Porsche.  AAA gave me an even better deal than Geico – of course, I had to join AAA.  I even called Allstate to see if they’d do anything to retain my business.  I was told flatly that the rate hike was for all Allstate customers and they couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything about it.

In the end I went with AAA since the quote was for an entire year, significantly cheaper than the others and getting the membership gives me a free tow from 200 miles away and 3 towes from 100 miles away.  It really does pay to search around on car insurance – it is the only way to know if you are being screwed or not.

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