Dream Big: Saving the US economy

Now that Obama has gotten his federal aid / bailout package passed the House and is now headed for the Senate it makes me wonder if it will actually work.  Sure there are provisions for building schools, roads, upgrading housing as well as provisions for decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.  But, there is a big problem in my opinion.  There is no far reaching goal.  What America needs are some goals that seem impossible along with ones that are easily achievable.

What I’d like to see are large scale forward-thinking projects that can put all Americans to work now and secure our future as a leader.  These are a few off the top of my head I’d like to see:

  • Creating and updating the United States infrastructure.  Start by repairing and fixing the interstates while making provisions for high-speed rail to connect major cities.
  • Laying fiber-optics for broadband to all the US.  For as large and as powerful as the US is, we have a far lower penetration of broadband than many other nations.  Sure some of it is due to the fact the US is a large nation, but that shouldn’t stop us.  Lets prepare the nation for the next generation of technologies, copper wire is outdated.
  • A manned mission to Mars.  There are numerous obstacles to send people to Mars but we’ve already shown that we can put people on the Moon.  Lets show the world that American ingenuity can put people on Mars safely.  And bring them back as well.

Sure, these projects sound impossible, but that is what they said about flying, putting people on the moon and even gaining our independence.  We are the land where dreams can come true and we, as Americans, need to prove it again.

So what do you, my readers (if any) think?  Am I completely off my rocker, sane, or somewhere in-between?

2 thoughts on “Dream Big: Saving the US economy

  1. I agree that the nation needs a goal–we all do. You are same.

    I think America should define clear goals for cities and improve them greatly. With over half the population living in cities, it would be a worthwhile investment to really improve major population centers. In my opinion that involves your first and second bulets.

    As for Mars, I think we should try to colonize the moon or the ocean. Those environments are similar to Mars and would help us to achieve our goall.

  2. On Mars, I think providing stages toward the goal is a good idea. The stages I can think of are:

    (1) moon bases (maybe we can name the first one Zappa)
    (2) deep ocean exploration – if it can survive the extremes down there, I’m sure Mars or most other semi-habitable planets will be cake.
    (3) different propulsion systems
    (4) studying living arrangements / psychological effects

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