Musings on Unions

You might not have ever heard of Checker Motors.  They used to make the Taxis until 1982 at which point they turned into a parts supplier for the Big 3 in Detroit.  They’ve been soldiering along pressing out body panels until recently (of course you knew this part was coming) when the economy began to hit the Big 3 hard it hit Checker Motors just as hard.  Then add in the unions clamoring for a new contract.  Well, labor costs and material costs have caught up with them and they are filing for Chapter 11.  An interesting aspect of their filing was this (from Autoblog):

Escalating raw material prices and dwindling sales for their customers’ products were cited as the main reasons for the filing, but another big reason was labor costs. It’s reported that a deal with unionized labor couldn’t be reached even after a year of negotiations.

Which leads me to wonder, at what point (if any) did the workers say or think: “Unions, lets make some consessions since having a job with less perks is better than no job at all.” ?

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