Good bye old friend, hello new friend

I really like my M5, but I’d recently begun to fill the need to get a different vehicle for daily driving.  When I originally bought the M5 it was my dream car.  The one car I had always wanted: 4-doors, powerful, a pure sleeper.  Then I got the chance to buy one.  I bought it and fell in love with it, even though it was a car that had a vacuum attached to my wallet.  However, I was beginning it was time to move on from the M5 into something else.  As to what exactly, I wasn’t sure, but I did know I wanted it to have four doors, be able to tow my 911 and a trailer (if needed) and be fun to drive most of all.

After looking at how well my Porsche 911 has held up across the years (even if this isn’t a fair comparison since cars were simpler then) I decided a Cayenne Turbo would be the next car I’d look for.  I was looking on and off for the past few months just seeing what the prices of the Turbos have been and somewhat day dreaming about them.  Then this Sunday, on Craig’s list I saw a listing for a 2006 Porsche Cayenne – not a turbo, just a Cayenne.  The ad was terrible and looked to be from a dealership, but they didn’t list what dealership.  They just had a google map and the quick specs of the car and under the engine it listed: 4.5L V8 twin turbo.  That was all I needed to know, so I figured out what dealership it was (Sterling Acura) and dragged my dad with me to it on Monday to take a look at the car and see if I’d even like one.

Arriving at the dealership, it was pretty empty and the Cayenne Turbo was front and center outside on one of the showcase ramps.  I looked around the car, under the car, in the car and waited for someone to help me.  Not soon afterwards, Steven, came out of the dealership and offered us some help.  It happens he sold Porsches for a while and was very familiar with the car.  He got the key for it and we took it for a spin.  As soon as I sat in the car, I knew I was going to like it.  Much like the M5 I’m pretty sure they slaughtered a whole mess of cows to cover the interior and raped the earth to get lots of shiny aluminum for the trim.  Starting up the car lead to no noise what-so-ever.  It was wisper quiet – a strange sensation to me since my M5 and 911 are both loud.  As we pulled out of the dealership and onto the feeder road I began to realize just how powerful this vehicle really was.  After the test drive I knew for sure the car was worthy of the Porsche badge and worthy of my consideration.

Steven suggested we run some numbers and see if a deal couldn’t be worked out.  After looking at my Dad, we figured we might as well.. never know what could happen.  They could hit the magical number that makes me buy the vehicle.  I told them I’d be trading in my M5 toward the car and they came back with some numbers, they were close, but we asked them if they could do better.  After a few minutes they came back again.. and they were much closer.  We decided I needed to go out and look at the car again.  See if it was really, truly what I wanted.  I looked it all over one more time and, yes, I decided I could live with this car.  We gave them a counter offer and said if they could get it I’d buy the car.  They came close enough that I’d make up the difference on a low financing rate (which I got) so I accepted their offer and bought the car.

And like that, I no longer had the M5.  I didn’t feel bad that I got rid of it like I did when I traded my WRX to get the M5.  It was a very Zen moment I knew it was the right decision.  Maybe I’m growing up, maybe I’m thinking more practically in terms of vehicles;  but when I get in, grab the steering wheel and step on the gas of the Porsche and get thrown back into my seat by 450+ horses and realize I traded up to a better vehicle.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo rear

2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo rear

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  1. Lane, I bought your M5. Could you contact me? I would really like all of the documentation if you could be so kind. Thanks!

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