Installing a Dension Gateway 500 into a Porsche Cayenne Turbo

When I sold my BMW I lost my ability to use my iPod in a vehicle through the stock stereo system without the use of an FM transmitter. Looking around I saw that the Dension Gateway 500 had quite a following among Porsche owners and no one said anything bad about it. With that in mind, I ordered one and waited for it to arrive.


As I was waiting for it to arrive I did some poking around the Cayenne forums to see how other people had installed the Gateway 500 and if there were any hitches in installing it into the car. I saw that there were basically two options: install in the rear passenger side in the same compartment as the cd changer or install behind the PCM head unit at the front of the car. I decided I really didn’t want to pull out the PCM head unit to install the Gateway there, I focused on the rear passenger side compartment with the cd changer is mounted.

Looking around the cubby hole, there was no nice place to mount the Gateway and letting the Gateway and the associated devices flap around in the back didn’t seem like a good idea. So, being an engineer, I made use of my skills. I started by getting some cardboard and marking three holes where the cd changer screws mount the cd changer to the mounting bracket. Doing this allowed me to keep the cd changer in tact if I ever decided to get one and two it was a really damn nice mounting point for everything. After this, I played with arranging the Gateway and its associated components onto the cardboard cutout.

Once I thought the layout was satisfactory, I mounted all of the components onto the cardboard and took it out for a test fitting. I placed the mockup into the Cayenne and I found out I could cut an additional two inches off of the cardboard for a better fit, so I did. With the test fit complete it was time to create the bracket. A quick visit to Home Depot netted me some bolts, washers, nuts and some shiny aluminum. Using the cardboard cutout I drilled holes into the metal and then filed away all the resulting metal spurs and shavings to make it nice and smooth.


The next step was to paint the aluminum, for which I used good old Krylon spray paint. I could have left the aluminum unfinished but felt painting it black would allow it to retain a stock look. Once the spray paint dried, I began transferred the Gateway 500 and its components onto the new bracket. This went as planned but then I realized I needed some simple cable management. I solved this by fabricating an Adel clamp since I couldn’t find one large enough at any of the auto or home improvement stores. I then attached the Adel clamp to the bracket and bundled the wires up and held them in place with the Adel clamp. At this point the bracket and Gateway 500 were ready to be installed into the car.


Of course, there was a tiny little problem; getting constant unswitched 12V power to the device. Luckily, the cigarette lighter at the back of the car had a constant 12v unswitched wire running to it. After a few minutes of pulling panels, I got to the wiring harness that supplied the correct power to it. I then tapped into the 12v and ground wires and attached the Gateway’s power cables to it. After a quick test confirming the 12v to both the power cable and the lighter, I closed back up the panels and tidied up before finally installing the Gateway into the car.


Installing the Gateway was as simple as using three bolts and lock nuts to secure it to the cd changer bracket and then plugging in the MOST cables and power cables to it. Once it was all wired up, the real test began. Does the car actually start and recognize the device? After a turn of the key, the answer was yes. So I plugged in my iPod touch and my car began to play the music that was on my iPod. Success!

Now that I’ve fabricated one up, I’m giving serious thoughts as to marketing this to other Cayenne or Toureg owners that have the Gateway 500 system installed or are thinking about installing it in their vehicles.

13 thoughts on “Installing a Dension Gateway 500 into a Porsche Cayenne Turbo

  1. my 04 cayenne s does not have a cdc in the rt rear…does that change anything or add complications?


  2. No as long as you have the MOST bus cables back there you are ok. I didn’t have the CDC either.

  3. I’m following your post in order to install the kit on cayenne with CDC. I’m stuck right now in how to reach the optical cable that is connected to the CDC at the back. It seems impossible to reach or to rotate the CDC.
    How did you manage to reach it ?

  4. Even with a CDC, you can still do the same thing. You’ll have to remove the CDC to gain access to the back of it to install the new cable that daisy chains to the Dension Gateway.

    However, after having it installed where the CDC is, I think I’d rather install it in the front of the vehicle.

  5. Same great, practical instructiosn Lane but I think for those of your readers who are less technically endowed or don’t have thje time, you should leave it to your Porsche dealer, otherwise any mishaps could cost you more in the long run.

  6. Well done, and you answered one of my primary questions as I consider this same option for my 05 Cayenne, no cd changer, and I want to put it back there, too, but was uncertain as to whether those connectors were already wired into the system. Where did you put the iPod plug? In the photo it looks like the iPod is right there on your mount with the adapter. Is there sufficient cable in the kit to reach the console to keep the iPod close at hand? Thanks for the pics.

  7. The cable that comes with the kit for the iPod/iPhone is not long enough. However, I believe they make an extension that should do that. Looking back, I’m not so sure that I wouldn’t just pull out the nav unit and put it behind there and the glove box.

  8. I ordered also the bluetooth adapter bta 1500 … I don’t know where should be the microphone located or if i have cables long enough to keep the Gateway 500 in the back compartment .. Any suggestions here will be appreciated

  9. The microphone for the Cayenne should be in the top center thing. You can always splice cables to make it work. However, in your case, I’d probably just install it all behind the radio / nav screen.

  10. Nice explanation!

    Hint: You were using the GW51MO2. Afaik this does not support bluetooth.
    Using the GW52MO2 you would be able to use your iPhone via BT for audio streaming and even using the phone with your PCM and original buttons! 😉

  11. Hi Just looking to install Denison in my 2003 Cayenne, can the device be mounted in the front behind the Head unit? Struggling to get access to the CDC. Also does this affect the MOST loop? Thanks in advance

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