I love watching movies and I will watch just about any movie.  So what do you do when you don’t know what movie to watch or want to get suggestions on what to watch?  Well, when I was browsing through my Google Reader I saw a post about this site, Criticker.  It is a movie recommendation site that suggests movies based upon movies you have seen and rated.  The more movies you rate the better it is at suggesting movies you could like.  I spent some time playing around with the site and rating movies I had seen, so far I have rated 360+ films and it appears that Criticker is doing a very good job of suggesting films I might enjoy.  It has suggested films that I have seen but haven’t rated yet and even comes up with an estimated score.  If you do decide to join up, make sure to add me as a friend because I’m curious to see how other people’s rankings who you consider a friend affect the movies that it suggests to you.

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