New Zealand Travels – Day 5 through 12 and musings on it (only about a year late!)

Yeah, this is late.  Real late.  Call this catching up on old posts I had sitting around meaning to finish.  I’m now taking 8 days (not including the clusterf*ck of air travel in the US), random musings on the trip and compressing it down into a single post just to show how important they are :).  The more detailed old posts of the first four days can be found here, here, here and here.

Now here is about a week in New Zealand in under 5 minutes:

Day 5 (Wellington): Breakfast @ Mr. Bun Cafe, Pataka, ate @ Backbencher, Parliment, Botanic Gardens, ate @ Kai in the City

Day 6 (Wellington and Dunedin): Breakfast @ Kenny’s Cafe, plane to Christchurch then Dunedin. Taxi ride, 97 motel, Internet Cafe, Food from internet cafe

Day 7 (Dunedin): Tangente cafe, Olveston, Larnach castle, Etrusco for dinner, Speight’s Brewery

Day 8 (Dunedin): breakfast in the room, train station, Settler’s Museum, Chinese Garden, internet cafe, Elm Wildlife Rour, The Ale House

Day 9 (Dunedin and Christchurch): Tangente, Otago Museum, flight, City Central Motel in Christchurch, Bicycle Thief for dinner

Day 10 (Christchurch): breakfast @ Joe’s Garage, cathedral, christchurch museum, botanic gardens, arts center, gondala, tram, willowbank / kotane maori experience + kiwi + dinner

Day 11 (Christchurch and Auckland): breakfast @ Joe’s Garage, petted Bob the City Central Hotel’s manager’s dog, flight, Highwic house, shopping, dinner @ Tony’s Steak and Seafood Bar

Day 12 (Auckland): Preparing for the flight back, harbor cruise, Schezuan restaurant, chilling out, shuttle, flight

Day 13 (LA, Phoenix): get into LA, flight delayed, end up in Phoenix, sleep in Phoenix Airport

Day 14 (Phoenix, Austin, Home): hope on flight back to Austin, get to Austin, get picked up, go home, sleep

Finally (as hinted at before) random musings:

New Zealand was a great place to visit and if I had to do it again, I’d spend more time at the wild life reserves since it was huge and there wasn’t a lot of time to actually go out and explore all of it.  Speights Brewery was very cool and was like Shiner of New Zealand in my opinion.  If I had to live in a city, I’d live in Christchurch, but if I were independently wealthy I’d definitely live in Dunedin.  If I were to go back I’d rent a car and see about checking out some places where taking a cab to would just cost too much.

Now I need to stop being lazy and process all the photos I have from New Zealand (if I write about this enough times I’ll finally do it, really).

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