Not the way I expected to be woken up this morning… Part II

After chronicling the wonderful experience I had a few days ago, it happened again on Sunday.  So, I went through the whole routine of ripping off the old pod and putting on a new one.  This time however, I decided to figure out why it happened.  Once could be a fluke, but twice, less than a week a part?  Something wasn’t set right.  So I started digging through the menus on the PDM that controls the pod and found a setting conviently labeled ‘Automatic Pod Shut Off,’ and as you can guess, its option was a number of hours.  I had it set to 12 hours, meaning if the pod hadn’t gotten a signal from the PDM in 12 hours it would automatically shut off.  So I went ahead and changed that setting to 17 hours and made sure to bring the PDM upstairs with me when I went to bed and remembered to take downstairs when I ate breakfast, which I left on the table as I left the house this morning to go to work.

As the old folks say, “C’est la vie, it just shows you never can tell.”

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