Installing a fire extinguisher and seat mount into an ’84 911

After finishing The Driveway’s Level 3 driving course, I was told that my car was going to need a few more pieces of safety equipment; mainly a fire extinguisher and an electrical kill switch.  Not to mention, safety equipment for myself like a full driver’s suit and all the associated goodness.  The fire extinguisher though, is  a very important piece of equipment since no one wants to see their car burn to the ground without attempting anything to try and save it; plus, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I bought a 2.5lb halotron fire extinguisher and seat mount for it from Stable Energies and waited patiently for it to show up in my greedy little hands.  The fire extinguisher showed up first, which was nice, but without a mount it doesn’t do much good.  The mount was drop shipped from the manufacturer and arrived yesterday.  Unfortunately, by the time I got home it was too dark outside to attempt to install it.

The installation of the mount is straight forward.  It installs between the seat rails in the car and the seat mount or sliders attached to the seat.  It also comes with a set of shims to be used on the rear of the seats to maintain the same height for the front and rear bolts.  At least, that is what I was lead to believe; however, once I got the seat out of my car, I realized I couldn’t install it like that thanks to the slider mechanism on the seat.  Instead, I installed the mount above the slider and through the screw holding the seat mounting brackets to the sliders.  The mount still allows the slider mechanism to work while holding the fire extinguisher.  Overall, I spent about an hour pulling the seat out, installing the mount and fire extinguisher and reinstalling the seat – quick, easy and hopefully something I’ll never have to use.

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