Apple’s Snow Leopard Upgrade Packaging

A few days ago I went to Campus Computers to get the newest version of OS X, Snow Leopard.  The upgrade comes in this neat little CD sized cardboard container with a cute picture of a snow leopard hanging out in the snow (of course) and some nice lettering specifying what exactly this CD is.  Now, you open up this nice little cardboard box from the top and there is another cardboard box inside that has a little tab on it so it is easier for you to extract it from the larger box.  As you pull the box within the box out, it has the typical nice Apple lettering telling you it was designed in Cupertino especially for you.  And as you continue to pull the box out, all of its contents magically fall out all over the place because this box within a box isn’t a box at all, but a cardboard fold out around the OS X upgrade disc inside its own little CD slip cover.  The entire time I installing the upgrade I’m thinking, Apple is known for their great design and great aesthetics, yet they totally dropped the ball on this.  How hard would it have been to use one of the many previously designed CD or DVD cases and put everything into that?  It’d save materials and wouldn’t be near as annoying to open.

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