Pidgin receiving an Unexpected Response from AIM servers

Today when I fired up Pidgin I received a rather disturbing message:

Received unexpected response from

Now, what exactly does this mean?  I didn’t know, but I figured Google would have a pretty good idea.  And lo-and-behold, it did, right away I found the answer to fix the problem.

In the Account Modification section of Pidgin, modify the AIM account by unchecking ‘Use clientLogon’ in the advanced tab, and if that doesn’t work also uncheck ‘Use SSL.’

Simple right?  Gotta love Google search.

5 thoughts on “Pidgin receiving an Unexpected Response from AIM servers

  1. This is confusing. Pigeons are typically disgusting, and not very good in pie. Try some bobwhite quail.

  2. I’ve never tried it in pie, but Pidgin does a better job sending messages than bobwhite quail.. even if they aren’t as tasty.

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