Why is a new year always the marker for life resolutions?

It has always struck me as odd that people wait until the start of a new year to have resolutions to try and change something about their life or lifestyle.  Why don’t they start right away?  It seems like a form of procrastination to me. Like, someone saying, “I’d really like to get into X, but I’ll wait until the new year to start X.”  I say, what is stopping you from doing X now?  Get out and do it, you don’t need to wait until January 1st to start, do it right now.

Now that I’ve said all that, I want to wish all three people reading my blog a happy new year and I hope that you succeed in all your resolutions (freakin’ procrastinators 🙂 )!

3 thoughts on “Why is a new year always the marker for life resolutions?

  1. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. –Anne Frank

    It’s true, of course, change can begin at any time, whether it is societal change or personal change. I think the vast majority of people who make resolutions are making the same ones each year and failing to succeed at them. Of the others, I think the point of starting at January 1st is to have an easy to remember date to re-evaluate their lives. For most of my life, I haven’t done “resolutions” as such. I’ve had goals. I find I work better if I have a clearly defined goal that I can break into pieces and chip away at. And yes, I set new goals each year, starting on January 1st. 🙂

  2. You’re more than likely right on people making the same resolutions year-after-year. Perhaps the idea of goals like you do is better.

    New Year’s Goals?

    Could this be the start of a new tradition like Festivus?

  3. I always do goals, so it’s not a new tradition. Unless you mean to you, in which case, yes, I advise new year’s goals. It’s very Lane-like in nature. You can be as precise as you like with them. 😉

    And you shouldn’t mock Festivus. I’m dead serious about celebrating it next year. Best start practicing your feats of strength now.

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