Kill Switch Adventures

As I’ve written about before, my 911 needed a kill switch installed to be truly safe for the race track.  This weekend I decided for sure I’d install it on Saturday and it’d be done in a few hours and there would be nothing else to worry about.  As you can tell with the name of the post, it did not go quite as easily as expected.

Most of the installation was straight forward, the kill switch gets installed between the main battery and the rest of the electronics in the car.  So, you simply cut the main battery cable, fab up a shorter one to make it from the battery to the kill switch, wire up what needs to be wired up and call it a day.  A quick and easy hour or so job.  Obviously, not the case.

The kill switch needed a bracket mounted to it to hold the kill switch remote pull wiring.  The piece holding the kill switch itself needed to have some holes oblonged so that then kill switch would not rub against other brackets and everything would fit into the vehicle.  The supplied wiring diagram was not very good at all (and I think this is where I managed to release the magic smoke from the system).  After two days of working on installation, the kill switch is now wired up and hopefully working, but, I ended up with a dead engine control unit in return.

The DME (engine control box) has been shipped out to 911CHIPS to be repaired and have a different performance chip installed and I’m looking at installing  set of headers on the engine to open it up a little bit more and get some more horsepower out of the engine.  Although this is a minor setback, the addition of headers onto the car should help lessen the pain of being without the car for over a week :).

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