Speed Secrets 2: More Professional Race Driving Techniques

If you’re thinking there is a theme starting in these posts then you’re right; I’m reading all the Speed Secrets books one after the other and reviewing them as I await the return of my Porsche 911’s DME. The funny thing about this book is it is numbered two in the series but actually the third one written, the book Inner Speed Secrets is numbered three. Seems odd to me, but that’s life.

Speed Secrets 2 expands on some topics from Speed Secrets that were covered, but not nearly as in-depth as one would have liked.  This book focuses on driving at the limit around corners and through each phase of the corner: the line, the entry, the mid-corner, and the exit. Other chapters discuss adapting to the car and issues around the driver, managing errors while driving, and visualizing success in each phase of the corner (and of course, the entire race).  Much like the first Speed Secrets, this one is very easy to read through and soak in the information in only a few hours.

The book also discusses many exercises that can done while driving on the street that can help you while driving on the track.  A few of the suggestions are: practicing left-footed braking while stopping a car, increasing your sensory input by attempting to take in more visual, audio and touch information while driving and determining the speed of your vehicle without looking at the speedometer and seeing how close you are to the actual speed.

Much like Speed Secrets, this book is filled with information that some seems like a refresher course and others make me go, aha, this is a better way to look at my problem.  So for that reason, the book is definitely worth it.  It is best to take all the advice and criticism you can and then go through it determining what is valid and what can be tossed aside and this book has a lot of good advice in my opinion.

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