Speed Secrets 3: Inner Speed Secrets

Speed Secrets 3: Inner Speed Secrets (actually the second book, but somehow renumbered to the 3rd book in the series) follows the same easy-to-read format as the previous books while focusing on the mental preparation and exercises to help you, as a driver, win the race and drive your car to its limit.  As with the second book, Inner Speed Secrets delves deeper into a subject the first book (and second book) touch on give a few hints or tips and then continue.

The book is laid out in a straight-forward fashion and moves through the topics in a logical progression.  It starts with an overview of why mental preparation is important in racing and how it can help you, as a driver, become much better.  Then discussion of how the brain processes information and how we can increase focus, sensory perception and our own belief system (e.g. “I can’t win because of my car” to “I can win regardless of my car”).  The last chapters focus on how to maximize and use all the strategies discussed in the book and how you can self-test yourself and see where you can improve and where you’re falling down.  Of course, this requires that you are able to honestly assess yourself and your driving skills… which if you’ve been reading the books should be able to do.

Inner Speed Secrets, like the other two books I’ve read in the series so far is another book I’d highly recommend and I’d suggest this one over the previous two if you’ve been racing for a while (once I’ve read all the books I’ll see about ranking them in usefulness according to me).  Perfect practice makes perfect and you can never have too much practice… especially when you can do many of the things away from the track and in your daily routine.

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