The 911’s headers and mufflers have arrived

Well, they didn’t arrive today, they arrived on Thursday and I haven’t had time to truly look at them until now.  I had spent a lot of time debating on which set of headers to buy.  Did I want to have completely custom made ones, or an off-the-shelf model like the ones from Instant-G, B&B, Fabspeed, Buckley Racing, SCARGO Racing, or SSI, etc.  After looking and reading over the various forums, specification pages and pouring over the pictures I decided on the Fabspeed headers and muffler.  The primaries on the headers were 1 5/8″ which should be good for up to a 3.8L motor or so according to what I have read.

The headers from what I can tell are well made with full mandrel-bent tubes and the ability to run either a track exhaust or a muffled exhaust.  It also came with the heater boxes so I can still use the defroster in my car.. if the need ever arises.  In addition to this, I also had to order a new cross-over oil pipe for the engine to replace the oil line that would interfere with the install of the headers.  I’m also going to see about backdating the heater in my car to remove a large extra fan and ducting from the rear of my car and simplify the engine bay a little bit more. Oh, and of course, two cans of PB Blaster to help get the nuts off of the exhaust studs so I can actually install the new system.

Once my DME arrives back from California it should be a happy fun time.  I’ll get the headers installed, the heater backdated, the DME reinstalled and then begin to troubleshoot why the car still isn’t getting spark or fuel to the engine.  And if I can’t get it sorted out… maybe I decide to rewire the entire car?

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