Another 911 part arrives..

A new part for my 911 has arrived: a left side heater duct for backdating the heating system on the 911 to the early 911 style.  Why is this important and why is it a good idea to backdate the heat?  First, backdating the heat makes it much easier to work in the engine compartment.  It removes a decent amount of plastic piping and removes a large blower motor that honestly gets in the way when you try and work on the engine.  Secondly, backdating the heating system is just cool (pun not intended) since we already have a large fan blowing air across the entire engine diverting a little bit to blow air through the heater boxes around the headers isn’t that big of a deal.  The heat will still get to the front of the car with no issues.  And lastly, it is all in my steps toward rebuilding my engine into something more spectacular than the 3.2L boxer six sitting back there now.

Left Side Heating Duct

I still need to purchase the high temperature silicone hose used to route the heater duct air to the heater boxes, but I didn’t want to purchase it until I had the part in hand and could confirm the size that I needed.  As luck would have it however, Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies is out of the hose when I really want to order it.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and Austin Performance has some in stock.

And, just before I was about to publish this post another thing I’d been waiting for showed up on my doorstep.

Yes, a bag from Simpson Racing.. what could be in this bag?  Could it be this?

Yes, my racing suit, in the flesh, so to speak.  However, after trying it on there is going to be no gaining weight in the wrong areas or it won’t fit at all.  But, now I’ve got all the racing gear I need sans a cool shirt — now I just need my car so I can get to rocking and rolling out on the track again.

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