Going Faster! Mastering the Art of Race Driving

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been tearing through books about track driving and here is my review of yet another how to drive a race car book;  this time a book by The Skip Barber School of Racing.  This is the ultimate starters book; if you’ve never been to a track day or autocross or have just started this book is great.  It goes through the fundamentals and is written in a very informal style that everyone should be able to understand.  As like every other book in this genre it is divided into sections on the basics, developing skills, honing the skills, a basic primer on suspension and tires, and finally; a section on becoming a race car driver as a career.

The first three sections are definitely worth reading because they show the information in multiple formats (text, graphics, and tables) to illustrate the points they are making.  I found some of them a little basic, but it is because I’ve spent my time reading a lot of these books recently and there are only so many ways you can say hit the apex of a corner at the maximum possible speed before you’re careening out of control on the track.  Compared to Smith’s Drive to Win, Going Faster! describes the basics in much more detail and walks the user through the process; whereas Smith assumes the reader has the basics of driving on the track with other people around them.  However, Smith’s book is much better in discussing tires, suspension and what it takes to become a race car driver.

Going Faster! is a great book to read before attending a class on driving on the track or attending your first track event.  It will give you the basics of cornering, etiquette and what to do when there is trouble on the track either because of your car or someone else’s car.  Reading all these racing books is making my racing itch become much greater.  I’m really going to have to take some time out and go scratch it very soon or it is going to become unbearable.

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