Another Sunday at the track

This past Sunday I managed to get three sessions of track driving in (about 1.5 hours of track time all told) and was feeling pretty good about the car and my driving.  However, there is always room to improve in the driving category.  The best time I posted was 1:35.xx (sorry, forgot what the nanoseconds were) but I was averaging low 1:37s and high 1:36s creeping up to the low 1:38s near the end of the last session where I was getting really tired on The Driveway’s Grand Prix Course.

As I was driving it I knew there were lots of places where I should be able to pick up time by being more aggressive or taking a crisper line through the corners.  The corners where I found I could improve a lot were: turns 6 and 7 and turn 14.  The line shown on the picture above is a double apex where I was finding that a long sweeper through the corner and apexing turn 7 was giving me much better exit speed and position onto the back straight heading toward corner 8.  Turn 14 I was getting too close to the inside of the corner which was causing me to turn more than I had to.  To fix this I positioned the car further right on the course which allowed a better run at the apex and a much higher exit speed of the corner.  Of course, I could work on all the corners since I didn’t think I was using all of the track on some corners where I knew I could and should have to allow a better line.

But, this is what I like about going to the track, you can run the same course over and over and still find little tricks in it that you’ve missed and see how it makes you go faster.  Or you re-examine corners you’ve driven many times before and have realized, maybe you weren’t taking the best line through there.  Heck I might even change my mind and think that double apexing turns 6 and 7 is best after some more driving.

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