Rest In Peace Grandma

I’ve been sitting on posting something like this because I wasn’t sure how to truly say anything I thought worthy of my Grandma, Viola Holloway.  What can I say from what my brother has already said?  But, I decided to write a post, even if it is rambling.

Her death was painful to me since you get so used to having people in your life and when they are removed from your life it leaves an empty hole.  Will this hole ever fill-up where my grandma once was?  I don’t think it ever will and I don’t think anyone who has lost someone close to them can ever say that void is filled up.  But, at the same time, I know she is in a better place because of her condition.

I’m going to miss her immensely, I’m going to miss not seeing her there when I (and my brother, for that matter) walk across the stage to get our PhDs (whenever that might happen:)).  I’m going to miss seeing her come over on the weekends to wash her car, hear her talk about her twice-a-week bridge and hand and foot games with her friends at the apartment or her complaining that the tree outside her apartment could use some more water and feeding spikes, or how the water in the pool as a little cold at 8am in the morning for her morning workout.

I couldn’t imagine how hard it is to write this, to try and think about all the things I’m going to miss and try and instead focus on all the great times we had with her around.  Her words of encouragement on anything we did even when we were terrible at it.

As my brother said, she had it right: Exercise, be happy and live simply.

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