Speed Secrets 6: The Perfect Driver

Well, I’ve now finished off the Speed Secrets series with the exception of #7, which is about autocrossing.  I’m still debating on purchasing it since I already have Secrets of Solo Racing which is supposedly one of the best books on the subject.  Chances are I’ll eventually read the seventh, but not right now.

Speed Secrets 6: The Perfect Driver is a continuation of Inner Speed Secrets (Speed Secrets #3).  It focuses on particular situations that occur when driving and how to use mental imagery to overcome the problem facing the driver.  Each chapter has a small introduction and setup to the problem and then discusses how to think your way out of the problem.  I think the setup of the book is nice you can jump to any section to see how the Speed Secrets people helped the driver out.

The topics are, of course, wide-ranging, but definitely within the realm of driving the car on the track.  There are 21 chapters within the book and all but three deal with pure driving issues.  The remaining three are about mental imagery and how to make use of your strengths and how to always stay positive and have fun out there.  There are also two appendices, the first is a review of the exercises shown in Inner Speed Secrets and the second appendix is the list of all the speed secret phrases from each of the chapters within the book.

Speed Secrets 6 took me about three hours to read cover-to-cover (much like all the previous books in the series).  It is well written and provides information in a concise and understandable manner, however, for me, I don’t think I got as much out of this book as I did from Inner Speed Secrets.  Part of this could be that I’ve been through a racing school and they teach and describe a lot of these techniques so this book felt a lot like a refresher course than anything ground breaking.  If you’ve never attended a driving school or have only been to a high speed driver education class a few times, you won’t harm yourself by picking up this book and reading it.  However, I’d suggest getting Inner Speed Secrets, Speed Secrets, Going Faster! or one of the other basic driving books before jumping into this one because I think you’ll miss out in a lot of the situations that are being described within the covers.

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