As you can tell from reading my website, I like to drive on the track and am working toward my NASA Competition License.  Well, in order to compete you need to be in decent health.  Which, I feel I am; however, I feel that in order to win I should be in as good a shape as possible.  Even if it doesn’t help me win, it’ll help me in all other parts of my life; being healthy is a good thing(tm).

At work I was chatting with someone about my racing aspirations and said that I was going to need to get myself in better shape since I felt it was important to not neglect the most important part of the race car: the driver.  He asked what I was going to focus on and I told him, endurance and strength — but not so much strength that I turn into a body builder looking person.  I still need to fit into my racing suit and be flexible enough to escape from a burning car quickly. As an additional plus, being in better health helps alleviate some of the complications of diabetes (both type II, type II, and LADA).  Working out causes your body to become more receptive to insulin, keeps your heart healthy, your muscles healthy, and if you feel bad about yourself… your mental health should also be better as well since you’ll feel better as well.  All of these are good things in my book.  So, working on making more than just mountain biking or walking every day with my dog as physical activity seems like a great idea.

The person I was talking to suggested I look at this workout program called INSANITY! which is produced by the same people that make P90X and probably 50 other extreme workout routines.  I looked into both P90X and INSANITY! and chose to go with Insanity (yeah, I’m getting tired of typing INSANITY!).  A lot of the websites for Insanity just sound like a bunch of paid shrilling like ‘I can’t wait to listen to Shaun T and his awesome motivation!’ and ‘Oh WOW, slurp, slurp, slurp, wipe’… you get the idea.  It sounds fake.  So after removing all of biases that I could find and looked at the both realistically, I chose Insanity.  Insanity doesn’t require any weights just you and enough free room to kick and jump up and down and side to side, which I like… having to keep up with anything more than myself and a couple DVDs I’m afraid I’d just lose it all.  Anyway, I took the plunge and bought the INSANITY! Deluxe Edition which came with three additional DVDs of exercise routines (two replace sections later in the program and the 3rd disk is working with weights).

The package arrived a few days ago and I took some time to open it up, make sure all the pieces were there and read through all the materials included.  The first thing I noticed was throughout the packaging they’re very serious about telling you that you must be in at least decent shape before even attempting the workout.  Anyway, the box comes with a nice case to hold the 10 DVDs and the reading materials in the main Insanity workout product.  For the deluxe edition they include another nice case for 2 DVDs containing “INSANE ABS” and “MAX INTERVAL SPORTS TRAINING AND INSANE ABS” and finally there is a third DVD for a workout involving weights called “UPPER BODY WEIGHT TRAINING”.  Why they couldn’t find room to put that in a case with the other two is beyond me, cause having this random DVD not in the case spells a recipe for it to get lost.  In the main booklet there is a section that holds all the written materials you need.  The materials are: an introduction sheet, a 60 day calendar, and a nutrition guide. The intro sheet is just that.  It tells you to check with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough to do it and to get you pumped for working out.  The 60 day calendar for tells you which day to do which workout and how long each workout is going to take.  Finally, the nutrition guide tells you how to calculate how many calories a day you’re going to need and then a lot of healthy recipes for each meal.  The meals in the nutrition guide look like they could straight out of a diabetic cookbook given the make up of the recipes and the ingredients involved.  Which isn’t all bad, you have to (or you should) eat healthily as a diabetic.

So, that is the run down on the packaging and my initial review of the packaging and its contents and thoughts behind it all.  Now, the question is, does it work?  Well, starting Monday I’ll find out and see just how it works out.  It could be a painful and tiring road, but at the end of it I should be in excellent physical shape.  And if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll see about doing weekly updates for my view of if the program is actually working like I expected or not.

2 thoughts on “This is INSANITY!

  1. I’m still in remission. The doctors are clueless as to why it is happening to me. All they can say is love it while it is going good.

    I just did the Insanity workout fit test and it seriously kicked my butt. I didn’t die or anything so I’m going with I’m healthy enough to do the workout.

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