Insanity Week 2 Review

And, another weekly installment of Insanity Week in Review!  This week was purely a workout week and next week, there will be another fit test to track the progress through the 60 days to see how much improvement has been done.  I believe there will be a decent improvement across all the exercises, as to how much, I don’t know but I’m hoping at least a few repetitions for the eight exercises.

Monday: Cardio and Power Resistance

Ok, holy crap, it doesn’t get easier. I’m not sure how much I like the day of rest, I feel like I got out of the groove with that day of rest.. even though I know I needed it, I didn’t like it.  I left a lot out there on the work out and know I can push it more.  Mind over body and all that good stuff.    The trusty heart beat monitor says: 756 calories burned, 168bpm average heart rate.  Tomorrow: Pure Cardio.. woohoo (or something).

Tuesday: Pure Cardio

Pure Cardio is tough, the main routine has no water breaks in it what-so-ever.  I try and push through it doing all the exercises but I find myself beat in some of the later exercises.  It just tells me I need to get better cardio.  Makes me wonder if once I’ve finished the 60 days of Insanity I should go back through it again and see how well I do.  The monitor says: 708 calories burned and an average heart rate of 168bpm.  I also see that it tells me how long I’m in fat burn and fitness ranges of my heart rate.. but I don’t know how they calculate it and according to the other formulas I’ve found around the web, I’m in my fat burning zone the majority of the workout.  Oh well, I’ll probably just ignore those numbers anyway.  And tomorrow is my often seen friend: Plyometric Cardio Circuit.

Wednesday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

I feel I’m making progress made it through the first set (three times) of actual exercises after the warm up and warm up stretching before I had to take a break during the second set of exercises (for three times as well).  So it is some progress, I suppose, just need to keep pushing myself to keep going even when I feel like jelly.  Pressing the buttons on the Polar FT7 tells me: 773 calories burned and an average heart rate of 165bpm.  I also hit a maximum heart rate of 196bpm so I can say that I am pushing myself and taking rests when I need to.  At least tomorrow is Cardio Recovery and is a little more forgiving compared to what I’ve been through thus far.

Thursday: Cardio Recovery

Cardio Recovery, if I haven’t already said it is about 10 minutes shorter than the rest of the exercise routines but it still manages to burn some calories.  I burned 418 calories in 33 minutes and had an average heart rate of 136.  So just based on the calories burned and average heart rate you can tell that it isn’t near as insane as the other ones; but a nice relaxing exercise day is always a welcome thing when the next two days are going to be a killer.

As an aside, beyond the cardio recovery workout, I helped with some moving so I think I easily covered my goal of trying to burn close to 800 calories because of physical activity for the day.

Friday: Cardio Power and Resistance and Saturday: Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

I took a trip to visit friends through the weekend so I’m moving Friday’s and Saturday’s workouts to Monday.  I was thinking I might have been able to sneak one in on Sunday, but it just didn’t happen.  After driving so much you just want to rest.  Oh well, Monday will be a fun workout day.

General Week Two Thoughts

  • When taking a rest, keep moving to keep the heart rate up.  I took to jumping up and down or jogging in place when resting from the exercises.  Of course, when I couldn’t do that I’d rest and drink some water.
  • As I said before, you’ll sweat a lot
  • Insanity reminds me of P.E. in elementary school and junior high.  In one of my schools at the beginning of the 6 weeks they had everyone do as many sit-ups as they could in one minute and recorded it.  Then we exercised through out the rest of the six weeks and then at the very end, everyone did as many sit-ups as they could in one minute and compared it to the starting number.  The amount people increased was quite a lot if I remember correctly (of course, that was in the dark ages or something.)

2 thoughts on “Insanity Week 2 Review

  1. Lane,

    Just wanted to say that this is a well written and very thorough description of the Insanity workout system. Keep pushing through to the 60 day mark!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement and nice review. I’m definitely going to push through to the 60 day mark. I can already tell that I’ll want to go through Insanity again because I feel there is a lot I’ve left on the table so to speak every time I do one of the workouts. However, P90X has also piqued my interest..

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