Insanity Week 5 Review

Ahhh, the rest week, it means I’ve made it to the halfway point of the program.  We’ll see how much rest the Core Cardio and Balance  work out routine really gives you.

Monday: Core Cardio and Balance

So, the first time I’m doing Core Cardio and Balance and it still kicked my butt near the end.  The warm up, stretching and first few exercises I was keeping up with the people on the DVD, but when it got near the second half of the exercises I was burning.  The three hip felxor exercises seriously make you burn in addition to the exercises while done in the Plie position.  It was a 37 or so minute workout and I managed to burn 609 calories with an average heart rate of 158bpm and a maximum of 189bpm.  I can probably get more calories burned out of the workout once I have all the exercises figured out so I imagine by the end of this week I can be close to burning 700 calories in the workout — but this is a recovery week.. so we’ll see what happens. 🙂

Tuesday: Core Cardio and Balance

Same workout as Monday, burned 624 calories, average heart rate of 159bpm and a maximum of 184 bpm.  Trying to push myself to burn 700 calories in the exercise set, got an addition 15 today so if I can get an additional 15 calories burned for each exercise after this, I might be able to hit 700 by the end of this week.  I won’t be able to bike with the puppy the rest of this week more than likely thanks to the rain.  So that’ll kill some of the extra calories I’m normally able to get thanks to his exercise needs.

Wednesday: Core Cardio and Balance

Today I ended up not having enough time to do the workout.  I chose hanging out with friends at Spec’s Wine Wednesday Wine Tastings over working out.  I feel so ashamed… I’ll make it up tomorrow; but not tomorrow morning, waking up that early to work out just isn’t going to work for me.

Thursday: Core Cardio and Balance

Ok, so I’ve done at least one routine of Core Cardio and Balance today.  I burned 653 calories with an average heart rate of 164bpm and a maximum of 194bpm (achieved during the warm up).  So the question is, do I do another round later tonight to make up for the fact that I missed yesterday’s work out?  I’ll have to decide on that.  I got better with the shoulder exercise at the end, but it still burned my muscles like I couldn’t believe.  I think if he did these first he’d lose a lot of people in the first 15 minutes.

Friday: Core Cardio and Balance

I decided against doing another round of Core Cardio and Balance last night.

News Flash: the last few exercises still burn like my shoulders and cause me to wake up a little sore.. but that is a good thing.  I managed to burn 664 calories in 37 minutes with an average heart rate of 163bpm and a maximum heart rate of 193bpm.  Not much more I can say about this workout.  I don’t see why they call it a recovery week anyway… maybe I’m just missing the point, but I’d sort of like to jump directly into the second month.

Saturday: Core Cardio and Balance

Well, I didn’t get to 700 calories burned in a single 37 minute workout, but I came close 670 calories burned.  I had an average heart rate of 165bpm and a maximum heart rate of 189bpm.  I still don’t see why this is a recovery week routine, I really like this routine and could see using it again as not a recovery week thing.  Monday starts up the second month of Insanity where it supposedly goes completely crazy and scary hard so we’ll see what it actually does.  Otherwise, I’m digging Insanity and debating on trying out P90X’s Stretch X routine on Sunday (the day off) to just give myself a taste of P90X.

General Week Five Thoughts

So far in the first month I haven’t lost weight but I’ve added muscle and reduced the amount of fat in my body.  Looking in the mirror I can tell that my body is changing for the better even if there is a little stubborn fat still around.  I haven’t followed their eating plan exactly and I’m sure by following it exactly I’d see fat disappear more quickly, but I’m sure the second month will do a good job of removing the remaining fat regardless of the eating routine.  If you don’t pig out and just eat sensibly you’ll do fine in my opinion.  Their eating plan is very close to what any dietitian will tell you is a healthy diet.  As I’ve said before, all their plans are basically a diabetic meal plan.  So if you’re feeling they don’t give you enough variety, just go to Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Borders or Half-Priced Books and pick out one of the many diabetic themed cookbooks they have.

  • At the end of the second month I’ll post up a mega-review of what I thought of each of the routines and try to go into more detail about everything that comes with Insanity!
  • I got P90X so I’ll start up on P90X after I finish all of the 60 days of Insanity.  I think I might be doing some work out replacements if I don’t find P90X’s cardio or plyometric routines up to the intensity of Insanity.  I kinda like the hardcore cardio and plyometrics.
  • I’m down to ~11% body fat according to a trusty skinfold caliper and this body fat calculator.
  • Heart Rate Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor.  They’re well worth getting in my opinion, they’ll let you know when you’ve reached your max and when you should take a second or two break.. or when you’re not pushing hard enough.
  • I’ve had to adjust the strap on my heart rate monitor smaller and smaller these past few weeks… so that is one way I know I’m loosing the fat. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Insanity Week 5 Review

  1. Hi Lane–great blog and I really enjoyed reading your posts and review on Insanity. I completed the program a few months ago and really enjoyed, even as hard and challenging as it was. It was a great workout program. I lost about 10lbs and 7 inches and then decided to try a hybrid with P90x. I think you will really enjoy both programs once you complete P90x. You will not find the cardio routines in P90x has hard and challenging as Insanity just a heads up. I also have a blog if you want to check it out. It is Awesome review and keep up the great work!

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