Insanity Week 7 Review

Only three more weeks.  It is beginning to feel like the homestretch of this entire crazy thing.

Monday: Max Cardio Conditioning

Thanks to a wonderful thunderstorm, we had no power for most of the day and night.  So, no chance to even do the workout.  I hate to have to punt on a thing like this, but not much that I can do.  Stuck dealing with the whims of the power company.  Then there was the whole messing with the dead OmniPod PDM.  Some days, I just love technology.

Tuesday: Max Interval Circuit

Another day, another workout.  I can see why P90x switches it up each month.  Variety is the spice of life.  Anyway, 1229 calories burned.  Average heart rate of 160bpm and a maximum of 181bpm.  I still like Insanity, I’d just like a little more variety in the workouts.  I think once this is over and I knock out P90x, I’ll definitely like mixing it up with some of the P90x routines.

Wednesday: Max Interval Plyo

Wasn’t as bad as the first time I did it, however, I forgot to throw on the heart rate monitor.  Chances are it’ll be close to last week’s numbers (I blame it on all the other stuff happening this week).  I did this after a wonderful Wine Wednesday at Spec’s.  Nothing like a Wine Tasting followed up by a workout. 🙂

Thursday: Max Recovery

Yeah, call this Max Yoga.  This has got to be the hardest workouts I’ve done in Insanity; and I’m barely moving for most of it.  I burned 731 calories with an average heart rate of 127bpm and a maximum of 179bpm.  At least tomorrow will be a moving around day with Insane Abs (whatever Insane Abs) consists of.

Friday: Max Cardio Conditioning and Insane Abs

Relatives came in today so I didn’t get a chance to do the workout like I had hoped.

Saturday: Max Interval Sports Training

As with Friday, relatives were here.  I don’t think I’ll attempt anything on Sunday since I’ve devoted Sunday to being a physical rest day regardless of anything else.

General Week Seven Thoughts

I have to say that the second month is definitely a lot harder than the first month.  I don’t think its a bad thing, since I’m getting used to it.  However, I putting more time into eating better so that should also help me trim up some more.  I’m not going to go the Drew Carey no carbs diet since that is just crazy.

  • If you’re a type 1 diabetic and don’t have a CGMS, it is worth considering (especially if insurance will pay for it), you can easily see what your blood sugar readings are at a glance and don’t have to worry about pricking yourself.  I have a Dexcom Seven+ and really like it.
  • Heart rate monitor, heart rate monitor, heart rate monitor
  • I’m biking as well as doing the Insanity workouts.  I think any extra exercise is a good thing.
  • The first month of the Insanity workout really knocks the easy fat off of you.  The second month really aims to knock off that remaining stubborn stuff, but you’ll really want to look into eating more healthy at this phase.  I still don’t buy eating about 1600 calories a day while doing this exercise routine, I’m easily burning 700 to 1200 calories in a single workout.

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