Insanity Week 8 Review

Well, after missing the last two routines last week I look forward to doing all of them this week.  I’m feeling really good about this — only two more weeks.  I still feel that my fit test is going to be a little messy and not near where it should be, but oh well, I’ll deal with it.  I’m feeling really good though, the amount of fat that has been knocked off is pretty crazy and I’m looking forward to begin adding some muscles to my body.  Maybe I’ll be nice and throw up an after picture for Insanity when I’ve completed it all.

Monday: Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit

Another day I missed, thanks to my desktop deciding it’d be the perfect day to die.  It seems like fate doesn’t want me to finish right now.  Do I tempt it and workout in front of the TV and risk smacking my head on the fan while jumping up and down tomorrow?  At least I got a nice bike ride in tonight.

Tuesday: Max Interval Plyo

Well, I modified this one some so I wouldn’t jump up into the fan in my TV room, so the calories burned and such might not be as high as normal when I have full range of motion / movement.  These are getting a little easier because I’ve seen them before, but they are still hard.  But, it is all about eyes on the prize and being done and in very good shape.  Anyway, calories burned according to the trusty heart rate monitor: 1124.  Max heart rate: 183 bpm, average heart rate: 156bpm.  I also did a bike ride as well — Einstein won’t let me forget those — and it was a nice few mile bike ride.  I should have worn the heart rate monitor for that just to see what sort of calories I burn on the bike ride, maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday: Max Cardio Conditioning and Insane Abs

It seems like everything is happening all at once and I don’t know why.  Why can’t life just understand that it needs to make things happen more serially than parallel?  Either way, not that big of a deal, I still managed to get the workout in along with a bike ride (where I still forgot to wear the heart rate monitor on the ride).  The Max Cardio and Conditioning and Insane Abs workout seriously burned up my muscles and according to the heart rate monitor (which I wore for this, but not the bike ride…) says: 1476 calories burned, 162bpm average heart rate, 189bpm maximum heart rate.  The Insane Abs was just that.. and to think they have an Insane Sports Abs or something like that (don’t have the disks near me so I can’t remember the name) which I’m thinking has got to be harder.

Thursday: Max Recovery

Not much to say here, it still burns, and I still don’t see why they call it recovery.  Since recovery to me implies sleep or resting instead of sweating bucketloads.  Ah well, such is life.  The survey says: 975 calories burned, a maximum heart rate of 181bpm and an average heart rate of 159bpm.  Max Recovery hurts a lot in some of the moves and it makes me feel really damn weak near the end when it hurts to even do some of the simple exercises that at the beginning I could easily do.  And now for a bonus, I busted out the skinfold calipers to see what my body fat percentage was and I have 11.23% body fat, placing me into the “athlete” category, which is nice, but I want to be better than that.

Friday: Max Interval Circuit

Well, I missed it on Monday, but I did it today.  I burned 1322 calories, had an average heart rate of 162bpm and a maximum of 183bpm.  I really prefer the circuit stuff to the work out straight through for an hour since the resting for 30 seconds is really freaking nice.

Saturday: Max Interval Sports Training

Ahhh, the first of the Sports * disks that came with the Insanity! Super-deluxe edition.  What horror has been brought on this disk for us to work out to?  It brought a lot, I don’t even think I need to tell you, I had a hard time keeping up with it.  As with all the other routines, I’m sure it’ll get easier in time.. but initially, its a shock.  Calories burned 1097, average heart rate 158bpm, maximum heart rate 191bpm.  I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day; working on my car outside in addition to doing this, makes for a long hot day.

General Week Eight Thoughts

The Sports Training is rough, but I bought the super-duper-all-the-dvds edition of INSANITY! and figured, might as well try them all out, cause hey, why not?  This is probably not the right way to go about it, but ah, well.  I did it anyway.  Only one more week and I’m done!  Now for the random bulleted thoughts:

  • heart rate monitor = yes, please
  • CGMS = great to have, but give yourself a rest on it every-so-often, your sides will thank you
  • Gatorade = better than water if you’re diabetic.  You’ll easily work off the extra sugar it introduces into your system
  • I think Insanity is great, but I think it needs to be mixed in with something else besides cardio to really keep you from getting bored.  Which leads to the idea of muscle confusion, which leads to P90X, which leads me to an article I read stating muscles don’t start getting used to an exercise routine until 12 weeks.  So, really, P90X isn’t about muscle confusion as much as it is about keeping you from getting bored out of your mind by mixing it up every month.
  • I’ve actually gained weight while doing Insanity, but I’ve lost a heck of a lot of fat on my body.
  • If you have an iPhone with the GPS, RunKeeper Free is a nifty app that uses the GPS to track your runs/walks/bike rides and then gives an estimate on calories burned.

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