Insanity Week 9 Review

Here it is, the homestretch, what I’ve been playing for.  Only seven more days and I’ll have completed Insanity!  You’ll notice that I’m not talking a lot about the workouts, right now.  I’m saving my thoughts on all the workouts for the final review of Insanity so I can write about each one in more detail to describe them in more detail.

Monday: Max Interval Plyo

Well, got the new desktop in today, set it up, and did Max Interval Plyo on a nice new screen.  It looked nicer I suppose, but in the end, I was still sweating the same amount as before — so it wasn’t some magical device that would increase the amount of calories burned while reducing the amount of sweat.  Calories burned: 1138, average heart rate: 157bpm, maximum heart rate: 188bpm.  Also did a two mile bike ride with the puppy, so a little extra burn to the burn I already had.

Tuesday: Max Cardio Conditioning and Insane Abs

Another killer workout today, but damn, it feels great!  Calories burned 1397, average heart rate: 155bpm, maximum heart rate: 186bpm.  And as you can already guess, on top of all this was a two mile bike ride with Einstein.

Wednesday: Max Interval Circuit

Again, Max Interval Circuit, boy do these workouts seriously wear you out.  But, it is kinda funny, a few hours later you feel like you could go do them all again.  I suppose it is the joy of cardio workouts.  They drain you out quickly, but a nice rest and you’re ready to go again.  According to Mr. Polar FT-7 Heart Rate Monitor, I didn’t burn nearly as many calories as I thought I would have at 1097 (I must have been taking it a little too easy), but, everything else seems to around normal in terms of heart rates, average: 157bpm, maximum heart rate: 189bpm.

Thursday: Max Interval Sports Training

Here I am, at Max Interval Sports Training again, should be my third time, but ended up being my second time.  Calories burned: 1236, average heart rate: 155bpm, maximum heart rate 188bpm.  Like before, a sweaty hard workout, that in the end is enjoyable (if only for the results).  Only two more workouts and then the last fit test.

Friday: Max Interval Plyo

Calories burned: 1211, average heart rate: 155bpm, maximum heart rate: 189bpm.  One more day.  Oh yeah!  Didn’t get the chance to run with dog today (but don’t worry, he got his run without me).  Tomorrow, the last day.  Max Cardio and Insane Abs!  Then Sunday, the final fit test, then a trip to Alaska, then starting up P90X.

Saturday: Max Cardio Conditioning and Insane Abs

Yes! The end!  And even better I finished two projects on the same day: Insanity and the fuel cell installed, the new headers installed and splitter installed on my 911.  A very productive day — I even managed to make sausage balls and cookies as well.  Look forward to tomorrow when I do the final fit test and give a review of every disk in the Insanity series and what I thought of them.  Oh, before I sign off on Insanity completely: calories burned: 1298, average heart rate: 158bpm, maximum heart rate: 191bpm.  I’m glad I did this workout inside, it was stupidly hot outside and in the workshop where I was working on my 911.

General Week Nine Thoughts

It’s over.  I gave myself a pat on the back.  But there is still more to come.  Being at 11% body fat and skinny is good, but a little less than 10% and having muscles is even better.  So there is my new goal with P90X.  A little more fat loss and more muscles.  And now, the infamous bullet list of things:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Gatorade
  • Blood Glucose tester nearby (if you’re diabetic)
  • Keep pushing, it does end.  And you’ll feel better for it.
  • Setting goals is easy, keeping them is hard.
  • Any extra cardio you can do is an even better thing.  For instance, my bike rides with my puppy (not so much a puppy anymore, but he still acts like one).

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