Starting P90X

After completing Insanity!, I’ve decided to do P90X.  Insanity! did a wonderful job of knocking off a lot of fat, but didn’t do much for upper body strength.  P90X should hopefully fix that problem.  Much like Insanity, I’ll give weekly updates on my progress and what I think of the workouts.  I also sat down and watched the P90X Bring It! video, which is their how to get started on P90X (and sell lots of supplements and equipment pitch).  I’ll be doing the P90X classic routine since I just don’t think I can handle the doubles routine at this point in my life.  So, each Sunday I’ll post up my review of the week (in all there will be 12 weeks) and like Insanity, at the end I’ll give my overall review of just what I thought about P90X.

They ask you do to a pretty thorough fit test in order for you to get a baseline of your performance and to see just how fit you really are. I’ll get around to the photos sometime this week, until then, here are my fit test results.

Body Measurements
Body Fat % 11%
Weight 193 lbs.
Chest 39 in
Waist 35 in
Hips 40 in
Right Thigh 21.5 in
Left Thigh 21.5 in
Right Arm 12.5 in
Left Arm 12 in

Then of course, the actual fit test.

Resting Heart Rate 80
Pull Ups 1 (I’m a wimp)
Vertical Leap 20 in
Push Ups 30
Toe Touch 1/4 in
Wall Squat 1 min 30 sec
Bicep Curls 35 @ 40lbs (b-line)
In and Outs 30
Heart Rate Maximizer
Immediately After 175
After 1 minute 117
After 2 minutes 105
After 3 minutes 103
After 4 minutes 103

And as they say in P90X, I’m ready to “Bring It.”

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  1. I could do zero pull ups when I started P90X. Now I can do 15. Doing Insanity before P90X will make you better prepared for it.

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