P90X Classic – Week 3 of 13

Here I am the third week of 13 in P90X classic and I think I’ll be changing up the workout some to give myself the workouts from Insanity that I enjoy doing — mainly the Plyometrics and Kenpo X routines will be replaced with Insanity’s Plyometrics and Cardio Power and Resistance.

Monday: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

Obviously, copying what I’ve done before… Here are the reps I did for each of the exercises:

Standard Push Up 10 15 17
Wide Front Pull Up 10 (used 40lb resistance band) 15 17
Military Push Up 10 15 17
Reverse Grip Chin Up 10 (used 40lb resistance band) 15 17
Wide Fly Push Up 10 15 17
Closed Grip Overhand Pull-up 10 (used 40lb resistance band) 15 17
Decline Push Up 5 10 12
Heavy Pants 10 (used 40lb resistance band) 12 12
Diamond Push Ups 5 9 9
Lawnmower 10 (used 40lb resistance band) 12 12
Dive-bomber Push Ups 5 7 8
Back Fly 10 (used 40lb resistance band) 10 10

Got through the workout ok.  Not much else to say about it.  Although tomorrow is  a slight blast from the past, using Insanity’s Plyometrics disk instead of P90X’s..
Tuesday: Plyometrics

So, I changed it to the Insanity! Plyometrics, which I much prefer doing. I’ll use this one for a month and a half then switch to the harder MAX Plyometics for the rest of P90X.

Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

I didn’t get a chance to do this one.

Alternating Shoulder Press 10 10 x
In and Out Bicep Curl 10 10 x
Two-arm Triceps Kickback 10 10 x
Deep Swimmers Press 10 10 x
Full Supination Concentration Curl 10 10 x
Upright Row 10 10 x
Flip-Grip Triceps Kickback 10 10 x
Crouching Cohen Curl 10 10 x
Lying-Down Triceps Extension 10 10 x
In and Out Straight Arm Shoulder Fly 10 10 x
Congdon Curl 10 10 x

Thursday: Yoga X

I still really like this routine.  Definitely worth doing, even if it is a little long.

Friday: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Not bad, but at the same time, I think I’m going to be making more changes to the workout routines and start putting the weight machine to good use in my house.  Ab Ripper X… still burns.

Saturday: Bagua

Well, I changed my mind and decided I’d keep some sort of martial arts as a Saturday thing to do, so I pulled out my DVDs on Yin Style Bagua and practiced some of it for about an hour.  It’s nice because you can practice it as hard or as easy as you’d like and still get something good out of it.

Sunday: X Stretch

X Stretch is still a great one to do.. not much else to say about it.  Although next week things change up a bit.

Weekly Thoughts:

  • P90X is nice, but if parts of it aren’t working for you, don’t feel bad if you switch it up.  It’s your health and body.  Make it fun for you.

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