P90X Classic – Week 6 of 13

Well, week 6 of 13, almost the halfway point.  Sure I’ve had some issues where I had to stop working out for a few weeks between the first and second phase, but everything is back on track again and rearing to go.  So, here is the schedule for this week and how I’m feeling about it all..

Monday: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and Ab Ripper X

Holy crap!  The burn I’m feeling on chest, shoulders and triceps is ridiculous.. I’ve switched from using the resistance bands to using the free weight dumbbells – I think they work much better than the bands.  Instead of Ab Ripper X, I did Cardio Abs from Insanity!

Tuesday: Plyometrics

Insanity’s Plyometrics is a lot of fun and even though I keep giving P90X’s Plyometrics a try, I just prefer Insanity’s more.

Wednesday: Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper X

Back and Biceps using free weights is a great thing.  My arms feel like rubber and I can tell I got a heck of a work out from it.  I topped it off with Insanity’s Cario Abs.

Thursday: Yoga X

My arms are still really sore from the workout yesterday, I can’t straighten out either arm cause the muscles still hurt.  Yoga X should definitely help stretch out these muscles.  And of course, Yoga X stretched out the muscles just like I expected.

Friday: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Busted these out and it felt great.  My arms are still somewhat sore from the workout on Wednesday.  Did Insanity’s Cardio Abs instead of Ab Ripper X.

Saturday: Cardio Power and Resistance (from Insanity)

So I wasn’t feeling Kenpo X, so I replaced it with Cardio Power and Resistance.  It has a lot of jumping, moving up and down and side to side along with those nasty globe jumps that hurt after a few of them.  It was a good workout.

Sunday: X Stretch

Well, I decided to take a day off and just rested instead of doing X Stretch.  I still ended up doing some of it, just not the full routine.  Of course, there is still some exercising going on today; otherwise, Einstein wouldn’t be too happy.

Weekly Thoughts

  • Forget the bands, get free weights.  I felt the workouts were much, much better with the free weights over the resistance bands
  • I realized not all of P90X is to my liking so I’ve decided to adjust P90X some on the non-weight lifting days to suit what I like to do more.
  • The workout on Wednesday had my arms sore until Sunday — which I think is a great thing.

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