P90X Classic – Week 7 of 13

Week 7 of 13 and it is falling on Thanksgiving Week.. so no stuffing myself silly this week.  I’m making some modifications to P90X to integrate more Insanity routines into the workout.

Monday: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, Cardio Abs (Insanity)

Yeah, this one burned a lot.  It was good.

Tuesday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit (Insanity)

Made it through this one ok.  It still tires the heck out of me when I do this disk.

Wednesday: Back & Biceps, Cardio Abs (Insanity)

Ok, wow, this workout still knocks the stuffing out of my arms and back every time.  Hopefully I won’t be sore for a few days afterward this time.

Thursday: Yoga X

The stretching is a good thing, especially after my non-traditional Thanksgiving of Harry Potter at the Alamo Drafthouse for lunch, then a 4 cheese pizza and red wine for dinner.

Friday: Legs & Back, Cardio Abs (Insanity)

Legs and back I do although I find the exercises a little boring for some reason.  Could be because I do a lot of biking and going up and down stairs all the time.

Saturday: Pure Cardio

I still love the Insanity workouts a whole heck of a lot.

Sunday: X Stretch or Rest

Today, I chose rest.

Weekly Thoughts

Free-weights are definitely the way to go with P90X.  I started working out more in the morning instead of the afternoon and I like working out in the morning a lot more.. even if it is before 6am that I am starting the workout.

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