P90X Classic – Week 10 of 13

Now this is the last week we do this one since we start to redo the second phase workouts for the two weeks after this.

Monday: Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X

Not a bad workout at all, still getting up early to do the workouts.

Tuesday: Plyometrics

Jumping around and doing all that stuff is a lot of fun.

Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X

I really like the shoulders and arms stuff.

Thursday: Yoga X

A lot of good stretching, eve though it takes a long time.

Friday: Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X

Got a day off so I got to sleep in for a while.

Saturday: Kenpo X

XMAS!!! YEAH! I’m taking a day off.

Sunday: Rest or X Stretch

Resting again.

Weekly Thoughts

I’m getting near the end and I’m seeing the finish line.

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