P90X Classic – Week 8 of 13

Alrighty, we’re 2/3 of the way done after this week and moving in a very good direction I believe.  This is the “rest” week after the second phase, so the 3rd and final phase starts the week after this.  Of course, once I’m done with this round of P90X I think another round will be needed since I was using the resistance bands for about half of the routines and they just don’t work as well as free weights in my opinion.

Monday: Yoga X

A nice bit of stretching and breathing, although sometimes I feel 1.5 hours is a bit long…

Tuesday: Core Synergistics

Not a bad workout, although for core muscle workouts, I prefer Insanity.

Wednesday: Kenpo X

I just did an Insanity workout here — Core Cardio.

Thursday: X Stretch

Stretching is good stuffs, especially when you sleep funny and wake up with a crick in your neck.  This helped remove it.

Friday: Core Synergistics

Still think I prefer Insanity over this.

Saturday: Yoga X

Sort of like X Stretch this, with more breathing emphasis.

Sunday: X Stretch or Rest

I chose rest, again.

Weekly Thoughts

I’m not a total fan of these rest weeks, I’d much prefer to just hunker down and run through the phases without stopping and then at the end take just a week break from all exercise then start up again the week after.

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