Canceling NetFlix

Yes, you read that right, I canceled NetFlix.  I love NetFlix and think it is a great service, but I still canceled it, now let me explain why.

NetFlix was first given to me as a Christmas present by my brother in 2009.  I immediately fell in love with the instant streaming, so many movies available right away and I was watching movie after movie of everything I thought I wanted to buy and soon found out, I didn’t.  But, NetFlix did allow me to see these films for only a few bucks a month.  I didn’t even care about renting their DVDs.  Fast forward a couple months and I’m finding out that I don’t have the time to watch the movies on NetFlix as much and on top of that, they’re going to up the fee by an extra dollar.  At this point I was a little ticked that they upped the fee for having the ability to receive DVDs by a buck and seeing a lot of the movies I wanted to watch on Instant Queue be moved into the “we don’t know when they’ll show back up” category, they were becoming a little worthless to me.  Why should I pay $10 / month when I don’t have time to even watch a single movie or TV show from NetFlix?  The answer is, I shouldn’t (nor should you :)).

So, I made the executive decision last night to cancel my NetFlix subscription.  Is this a stupid thing to do or a smart thing?  As of right now, I believe it is a smart thing to do.  It was $10 / month that was going toward something that I honestly wasn’t using and now it’s making me think I’m going to see about canceling my TiVo subscription as well.  Why should I be paying for a service I’m not going to use and haven’t honestly used in over 8 or 9 months?

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