P90X Classic – The Review

Now that I’ve finished off P90X, here is my retrospective of P90X (much the same way I did with Insanity).

Overall Review

P90X did what it set out to do and I believe it did it quite how.  However, I just didn’t get into P90X the way I got into the Insanity workouts.  I don’t know why; but it just didn’t work for me like I thought it would.  I found some of the workouts really worthwhile and other ones I found dull and I couldn’t wait for them to end.

I believe the best way to do the exercises is definitely with free weights.  The resistance bands, although really appealing, since they’re much easier to lug around than the weights don’t really have the oomph I’d expect from working out.  So splurge and buy some free weights if you’re going to do P90X.  Even if you find P90X not right for you, the free weights will always help you out.  I don’t think I’ll do another round of P90X as it is since it didn’t do a lot for me in terms of me liking it; however, I did find some of the workouts worthwhile, so I’ll be integrating them into whatever I’m going to do next.

All this being said, it is a great starting point for getting yourself back into decent shape where you are more in control of what you want to do to become healthier.  And there are workouts in P90X that I definitely want to do again.

Individual Disk Reviews

There are tons of reviews of P90X already out here on the web, so I’ll keep my reviews of them simple and to the point.

Chest and Back – You like pull ups? Well you’d better 🙂

Plyometrics – Like a weak version of Insanity.  It isn’t bad, I just prefer Insanity’s pace a lot more.

Shoulders and Arms – I’d have to watch it again, but again, this gave me a meh.

Yoga X – This disk and X Stretch are my two favorite workouts in P90X, although I’d give the edge to X Stretch since it is a shade more relaxed in my opinion.

Legs and Back – This wasn’t bad, just sort of, meh.

Kenpo X – In the end, I don’t really like this one.  The kung-fu / fighting stuff is a very personal choice and if you just don’t like it.. you just don’t like it.

X Stretch – My favorite workout.  I definitely intend to use this one in the future.

Core Synergistics – This reminded me a lot of Insanity’s workout they make you do between the first and second months.

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps – I do like this one a lot.  I don’t know if I’d do the exercises exactly like this if I did it again, but I’d definitely use some of the exercises.

Back and Biceps – another one that I found really good, I’ll have to work on picking and choosing which ones to do.

Cardio X – Once again, if you want cardio and plyometrics.. Insanity is the only way to go.

Ab Ripper X – This was done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It burns, it hurts, but it does a good job.  Although, I’m more interested in seeing if there are better exercises to exercise the abs.

Weekly Review Logs

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