P90X Classic – Week 13 of 13

And, the last week of P90X for real.

Monday: Yoga X

Guess what? It’s still long and still burns.

Tuesday: Core Synergistics

Hitting the core muscles, hence the “core” part :).

Wednesday: Kenpo X

Feel like fighting? Not me, but I do like the punching and kicking.

Thursday: X Stretch

Much like Yoga X, I like this one a lot.  In fact, I might like it more than Yoga X… I still haven’t quite decided yet.

Friday: Core Synergistics

Once again, hitting the core muscles.  I think these need to be stressed more than a lot of the other muscle groups honestly.

Saturday: Yoga X

The last workout of P90X Classic.  I’m almost going to shed a tear, or not :).

Sunday: Rest

Rest! Yay! I completed one round of P90X Classic.

Weekly Thoughts:

This cool down week, was pretty nice, now I’ve got to figure out what I want to do afterward.  Do I start another round of P90X? Do P90X+? Or do some combination of routines that I think will be more fun?  Perhaps mix in more Insanity routines with a some weight exercises to get everything the way I want?  I dunno, so stayed tuned to see what I decide.  Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.  I’ll have my complete review of P90X posted sometime soon.

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