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Recently, I’ve been thinking about doing a wood working project and had been searching the tubes for any ideas or help I could find on how to accomplish my task.  Well, as luck would have it, I found a site devoted to what I wanted to do and it had a ton of videos for download on how the person went about accomplishing the task.

So, as any rational person would do, I downloaded all the videos to my hard drive in order to watch them when I had the time (and because you never know when the person will decide to take down the videos).  Anyway, I decided to make sure that the videos downloaded correctly and double clicked on one of them only to be given a wonderful error message from QuickTime.  QuickTime couldn’t play MPEG2 video without spending $20 on a codec download from Apple.  Even worse, the codec itself was not getting stellar reviews from people on the Apple site.  So that was two strikes against QuickTime and it already had one since I don’t like it in the first place.

At this point I needed a video player that was free and played MPEG2 and hopefully didn’t suck.  Then I remembered VLC.  It was a staple program on all of my pcs and I hadn’t just gotten around to downloading it to my new iMac.  VLC is hands down one of the best video players you can get.  It can play almost every format without any additional codec downloads, it has a small footprint, and is extremely quick to load.  I downloaded VLC, got it installed (as simple as dragging the application to the Applications folder (thank God for simple software install on a Mac) and then double-clicked the icon and I was on my way.  I tested the videos and they played without a hitch — I can work on planning my project a little bit more (while doing my PhD work and regular work and having a social life :)).

Iif you need a video player, don’t rule out VLC, in fact, I’d make it your go to choice when watching videos or DVDs on your computer.

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