The Woodworking Project: A Semi-Hollow Body Gibson ES-335 Replica Guitar

As I mentioned in the post about VLC, I’ve been deciding on a new project to take up.  That new project is a hollow bodied electric guitar with hand carved top and bottom; the one I’m planning to build is going to look a lot like this, a Gibson ES-335.  I have a lot of oak so I want to make use of it extensively in the guitar even though it is a rather unconventional wood for guitars.  Unfortunately, this time I’m not going to use the oak; perhaps for the next instrument :).  As far as the other specs go, I’m wanting to use dual humbuckers, dual volume and tone controls with the ability to coil tap the humbuckers.  Of course, you’ve gotta go with the Bigsby B7 vibrato, 22 frets and a few custom touches.

Here it is a little more broken down (and where I intend to get the electronics and such from)

  1. Electronics
    1. Two Humbuckers (Wolfetone Pickups)
    2. Two Volume pots (long stem, 500k)
    3. Two Tone pots (long stem, 500k, push/push)
    4. Bigsby B7 Vibrato
  2. Woods
    1. Maple top and bottom and center block
    2. Mahogany sides and neck
    3. Ebony fretboard

Of course, there is so much more to get, like the wood for all the molds that will need to be made along with some tools that I am lacking in order to make it.  I could do it without some of these tools, but really, where is the fun in doing something without a new tool to play with :).  When I finally gather all the parts and start actually working on the project, I’ll be sure to update the website to keep y’all informed of my problems and successes and other such ramblings.

2 thoughts on “The Woodworking Project: A Semi-Hollow Body Gibson ES-335 Replica Guitar

  1. Ewwww.So cute!Have you really made it?I have seen so many woodwork projects but I haven’t seen anything amazing like this.I hope it works.Plesase keep sharing how the project is going.I think the maple wood might be good but I think Oak must be best.

  2. I have the wood: mahogany for the neck and through the body block, ebony for the fretboard and a really nice piece of flame maple for the top and back. I had some wood for the sides, but I don’t really like that now.

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