Exercising – Part II

Well, I misjudged just how out of shape I was and found out I was in better shape than I remembered.  I reached my goal of sub-10% body fat; and now it is time to start doing the muscle gain.  So I believe what I’ll start doing next week is 3 days of Insanity! workouts and 3 days of P90X workouts.  Of course, the P90X workouts will be the M-W-F ones that focus on building muscle mass / strength and the Insanity! ones will be my favorite cardio ones — haven’t decided which ones just yet.

Hopefully this will put me on the path I want to get the body I want.  Even if it doesn’t, the exercise itself does amazing things for the rest of my life, so I don’t see why I’d want to stop doing any exercise, but changing it up to get the body I want could definitely be in the cards assuming what I’m doing doesn’t get me there. 🙂

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