OmniPod Errors

There are days when I get really annoyed at the OmniPod.  Today was one of those days.  I don’t so much mind when it has errors and you can recover easily from them and not lose the functionality of the device (e.g. I can still give myself boluses for meals, etc); however, I absolutely hate it when I lose functionality and have to replace parts of it.

As you can guess, I had to replace the Pod itself after the PDM (the little device that manages the insulin pump) decided to throw up all over itself with an error.  This error caused me to have to reset the device and lose the connection to the pod.  Now, that isn’t too bad until you realize, it can’t reestablish a connection to the pod, so you lose the insulin in the pod and the pod itself.  Insulet (the makers of the OmniPod) replaced the pod for me, so I’ll be receiving one in the mail soon, however, they don’t replace the insulin that I lost in the process of their device having issues.  I’ve tried to pull the insulin out of the pods before when they’ve messed up and I’ve been highly unsuccessful in these attempts.

I find it annoying that they haven’t come up with a better way to handle these issues where the PDM has a problem and not the pod.  The though of tossing a perfectly good pod (with insulin in it) and attached to my body because the device controlling it had an error that it couldn’t recover from seems a little stupid.  You’d think there would be a way to reestablish the connection and let the pod finish out its time delivering basal and bolus insulin to me.  All I can hope is that Insulet keeps working on the OmniPod and makes it more reliable and able to recover from errors like this without having to lose the pod to fix the problem.

Having said all this, there is still nothing better when it comes to insulin pumps on the market.  Seems like a sad state of affairs to me.

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