Source Code Control and Release Management

Two concepts that are never touched on in college, yet are highly important in business (and academia for that matter) are source code control and release management.  Yes, everyone knows that it should be done, yet I’ve never really seen a good primer on it until recently.  The funny part is, these primers came from The Daily WTF (which I guess is appropriate when one thinks about it).

The source control primer goes from the ground up describing exactly what source control is and covers many of the common operations done in source control: gets, puts, merging, branching, labeling and even shelving.  The release management primer is also quite good and gives a good idea of how release management should work and even provides a nice example to help follow along with the concepts of release management.

These two articles definitely helped codify a few concepts in my mind about source code control (more than just use it) and release management (more than just: don’t break the build) and it should help you as well.

Are there any other articles out there that are worth reading about source code control and release management that might add some more insight that was missed in these two?  Let me know.

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