The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Another Elder Scrolls game and another weekend that just disappeared without any notice that I was spending that much time playing it.  Other than the fact the game crashed on me three times in less than two minutes when I first started playing it, it has been basically rock solid only crashing one other time.  And this is pretty amazing, since Bethesda always seems to make games that come out buggy as crap and you have to live through all the crashes until you can get four or five patches that fix the crashes.  So I’m hoping this time I don’t see as many updates since it appears they’ve actually spent some time play testing and attempting to crash the game.

Now that I’m done telling you that the game is actually stable from the first time you put it in (amazingly) let me tell you about how great the game is.  First, if you haven’t bought it, go buy it.  It is basically game crack.  You’ll sit down to play it for ten minutes and play for 10 hours.  I haven’t lost this much time in a game in a long time (except for maybe Uncharted 3, but it isn’t near as large as Skyrim).  I’d find myself running around just looking for stuff in the game world.  The world is massive compared to Oblivion (which I thought was really freaking huge), although the cities aren’t near as complex as previous games; which is both good and bad.  The one thing I’d really love to see them do is figure out how to seamlessly load zones so there will be less loading screens.

I don’t want to go into the story and all that jazz since every other review has talked about its open world, do anything, say anything (with John Cusack), etc. world.  It is a blast and you’ll find yourself playing it and losing time.  Trust me.  I lost a weekend to it and I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface of the game.

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