Uncharted 3

Earlier this week, Uncharted 3 came in the mail for me (go Amazon!) and I just got around to playing it last night. At first I thought I’d play it for an hour or two and then shut it off and pick back up on it later. That was a mistake.. I started playing it around 8pm and didn’t go to sleep until 5am. I spent all night playing the game. I then got back up around 9am and beat the game about 1pm today. Yes, I played the game that long and actually beat it.

For me, this is amazing. The game actually held my attention long enough that I wanted to beat the game and see it through to the end. There haven’t been much games recently that I’ve actually wanted to beat. So, Uncharted 3 (and it’s two previous incarnations) have my seal of approval of games that are worth spending your money on.

On a side note, hopefully I’ll get around to playing the co-op and multiplayer features soon….

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