Drive Angry

Drive Angry is an absolutely amazing homage to the 70s revenge flick.  Too bad the movie going populace didn’t understand that simple fact.  Of course it is cheesy!  It’s supposed to be.  If you don’t like the first five minutes of the film – you’re not gonna like the rest.  It starts out with three rednecks in a truck being chased by Nick Cage’s character through the streets.  He catches up to them, causes their truck to flip over and proceeds to dispatch them in a bloody and mean way.  It’s over the top, bloody, violent, and honestly, a little funny.  I love it.  It’s completely stupid and awesome.  Throw in Satanic cults, breaking out of Hell, hot chicks, lots of gun play, fast cars, wrecks, it’s got a little of everything awesome and it is completely a 70s revenge flick.  It just happened to be filmed within the past few years.  If it had a bit more of a nihilistic streak and all the characters dying in the end, I’d rank it up there with Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (just kidding, or maybe not 🙂 ).

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