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Get Lamp is a documentary about the text adventure / interactive fiction games such as Adventure, Zork, and the like.  It discusses the past, present, and future of the text adventure.  As one review mentioned, there is an awful lot of focus on ex-Infocom employees and not too much on the other companies.  I’d say it was bad that most of the people interviewed were ex-Infocom, but at the same time, if you’ve got a limited amount of time and need to get a good feel of the history, go to them.  I enjoyed listening to all of the people, however, to me, the best stuff is on the second disk – especially Chris Crawford‘s discussion on interactivity which I think a lot of game designers should be forced to watch.  One thing I wish that was added was information and interviews related to interactive drama.  Interactive drama in my opinion is where the merging of the interactive fiction and games are headed and it would have been nice to have some interviews with those in the field (although it is mainly academic right now).

I really loved it and can’t wait to actually see the other documentary I bought from the director on BBSes.

1/16/12: Reworded some sentences since  it could be read that I hated the film, but also liked it.  For the record: I loved it and found it very interesting.

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  1. Those both sound really cool – do you know if they are rentable anywhere? I checked Netflix, but no luck there.

  2. I’ve never seen them for rent (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc). However, I know they’re Creative Commons licensed so theoretically you could find it.. but I figured it was worth paying Jason Scott for the work he put into it.

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