The playset is down

So, my younger brother got tired of me blogging about how I haven’t taken down the child’s playset that was left in my back yard by the previous owners of my house so he and his friend came over and helped me take it all down today.  I paid them back in beer and pizza, now I’m left with getting it ready for bulk pickup and removal and probably a trip to the dump to dump the big-ass metal poles used to hold it all together.

It came apart surprisingly quick with three people working on it.  I’d say we spent about 30 minutes on it total.  I can mark another item off my to-do list and push another one on it :).

2 thoughts on “The playset is down

  1. I still think you should have kept the playset, or at least the swings, just reinforce them.

  2. The swings were attached to the playset pretty well. However, they didn’t do a good job installing the playset. The main posts weren’t even buried in the ground; they were all sitting on the ground. Besides, now that I have that entire area to put something I can always go get some outdoor furniture and a swing.

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