2012 Goals – March Retrospective

Ahh, March has come and gone and it’s now time for April showers and a look back at how successful or not I was at my goals for the year.

#1 Participate in Tough Mudder / Get in better shape

I back slid a little bit at the end of March since getting the flu, it really knocked a lot out of me.  I still made sure to bike and do some stretching but I didn’t focus on building muscle as much as I should have.  I did make strides in eating healthier however, I invested in a juicer and have begun juicing one meal a day (normally dinner) and have also made sure to make breakfast to hold my eating out to lunch time during the week.  I’d like to move in the direction of eating out only a few times a week as opposed to the eight or nine times a week that I do now.  To that end, I’m a big fan of Fitocracy and I just found a new app called SlimKicker that is a food / fitness logging app, so I’m gonna give that a try and see how I like it.

#2 Propose my PhD Topic 

I moved this up to number two since I figured I should prioritize these in order of importance.  Health should always be number one, so school becomes number two.  If I’m not healthy, then it makes school that much harder.  I feel that I’m definitely on a roll on this one.  I’m currently coding the end-to-end example that I need to propose and I’m hoping I can be done with the example by the middle of April.  At that point I should be able to start working through the paperwork to propose in May.

#3 Learn a new programming language

I thought I was going to remove this, but thinking about it more, learning another programming language is never a bad thing, so I’m putting it back on the list.  I could move this down below the other points, but for right now, it’s still closely related to the previous goal of proposing my PhD topic that I’ll keep it here.  I’ve been learning Scala and Promela, Spin’s model checking language, which I’m using in my PhD.

#4 Finish painting rooms in my house

I’ve been a little lazy on this.  I’ve prepared the last room I need to paint by pulling all the wall plates off and getting the drop cloth in the room.  I just need to take about an hour or two a night and just knock out the cutting in of each wall and then take another few days to just paint a wall a day or something.  Either way, it’s almost there, just have to knock it out over a few nights or one weekend.

#5 Remove the child playset from my backyard (completed) -> Spring / Summer house cleaning

It’s been torn down and ready to be taken to a dump or picked up as bulk trash.  It just depends on how soon bulk trash comes as to what I do with disposing of the pieces.  I’m going to say the new goal is to remove clutter and junk from my house by cleaning out closets and such.  A late Spring / early Summer cleaning!

#6 Brew my own beer

I just brewed the honey kolsch yesterday, so I’m going to move onto experimenting with brewing different beers.  This will be ongoing so there is no telling where this will end up.  I’m hoping to brew a Belgium Blonde with a banana nut bread flavor in it; so, yeah, it could be epically awesome, or epic fail.


Like last month I think everything is moving in the right direction, just a few lapses here and there that I need to take care of.


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