Beersperiment 1, Part 1: Belgian Banana Bread Beer

I’ve finally decided to try my hand at making a beer from my own recipe and hence, beersperiment #1: Belgian Banana Bread Beer.  I’m aiming for a higher alcohol content (~11%) Belgian with a lot of banana smell and flavor.  In fact, you could say I’m wanting to make you drunk off banana bread. 🙂

Loading up the wonderful BeerSmith, I started with a standard Belgian Dark Ale recipe and began to modify it to meet my needs.  After I was happy with how all of this should end up according to BeerSmith, I printed out the instructions and grain bill and headed down to my local homebrew store to procure most of the goodies.  I had to pick up the dried banana chips and fresh walnuts from Sprouts.  The fresh walnuts are part of the experiment that’ll be done during the time the beer spends in the secondary carboy and I’ll explain it then.

Brew day went fairly well except for a little miscalculation near the end on the amount of water I needed in the pot during the boil.  I was a little low and ended up with a bit thicker wort than expected.  However, I can’t say it was too bad since the gravity came out almost perfect to what BeerSmith calculated.  Once the beer was put into the primary fermenter and started fermenting, I was glad I did the whole blow-off tube setup on this one.  The yeast for this is particularly active and had I not had the blow-off tube setup, I’d probably be cleaning wort off of the ceiling and walls…

In part two I’ll talk about the racking to the secondary along with the little walnut surprise that I’ve cooked up.

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