Review of my Honey Kolsch

Well, I finally got past the time of waiting for my honey kolsch to carbonate and tried one out last night.  I’ll be the first to admit that kolschs aren’t my favorite beer style, but it seemed like a good choice for a summer-time beer.  Now, to cut to the chase, here are my notes on it (poured into a pint glass):

Appearance: Translucent dark honey color in the glass and a nice thin layer of foam across the top.

Smell: I can’t say too much here, I’ve been suffering from allergies..

Taste: Crisp, smooth, and not very hoppy, with the exception of the hint of honey it tastes exactly like a standard kolsch (which is a good thing).

Mouthfeel: Like the taste, it is crisp and smooth.  A light to medium body and  it doesn’t really weigh down on your tongue or leave any aftertaste.

Drinkability & Notes: I initially poured this straight into a glass out of a bottle I’d been keeping in the fridge at 37F.  As it warmed up to a drinking temperature it definitely began to unlock the flavors and taste better.  The second time I tasted it, I took it out of the fridge and let it sit for about 10 minutes so it would come up to a more appropriate temperature.  It is a very refreshing beer and definitely great for the summer-time even though I am not a fan of Kolsch-style beers in general.  I should also mention, I got the beer ingredients from Austin Homebrew and used their standard recipe.  I have some plans for another batch of this that’ll be more experimental.

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