2012 Goals – August Retrospective

Yeah, I’m a little late on getting this thing up, but I’ve been busy and have just now found the time to write this bad boy.

#1 Participate in Tough Mudder / Get in better shape

I feel I’ve been neutral on this, I haven’t improved, but I haven’t fallen backward.  I’m still going to do Tough Mudder and I’m still gonna beat it down, or at least try :).

#2 Propose PhD Topic

On my way to doing this.  I’ve gotten the proposal written and have a few changes left to be approved before all the paperwork fun time begins!  Oh, and I’ve got to write the presentation for the proposal.  Fun times ahead.

#3 Learn a new programming language

I’m diving deeper into Clojure and really loving it.  I’m also looking into Event Sourcing since it is a really neat idea.  Perhaps I’ll write something up about it.

#4 Housework

Removed some columns from inside my house, cleaning, etc.  It’s all going well.

#5 Learning Guitar

I’m taking guitar lessons and having fun.  If only I had a few hours a day to practice :).  I’m also sort of learning the piano as well, so soon I’ll be a multi-instrumentalist.


Things are going well.  I’m ready to rock and roll and as long as I can get the proposal presentation done and all the professors herded, I’ll be in awesome shape.

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